So, you’ve just received your handmade & hand-painted 1838 Wallcovering! But what’s the best way to actually get it installed? Don’t worry – we got you. 
It always helps to make sure you have all your tools at the ready, and luckily, all the items are pretty easy to come by:

•   Scissors

•   Knife

•   Plumb line

•   Wallpaper paste

•   Smoother

•   For spreading the paste – a brush, roller & tray

Pre-Hanging Tips:
Always Do a Double Check

Start by doing a thorough double-check of your paper, and ensuring that your panels will line up with each other. We recommend starting at the left-hand corner of your wall, and hanging your paper left to right. 

Hang It Straight

Next take out your plumb line to ensure your wallpaper is hung straight! Hold your paper against the wall, and drop the plumb line just a few centimeters less than the width of the paper. Make mark along the vertical line the plumb bob creates to ensure that when you put the paper up, its edge lines up with the markings you make. Once your paper has been hung, simply trim off the excess paper overhanging onto the adjacent wall. 

Now, you’re ready to get started.

Take a look at these simple steps from 1838 for paper hanging:

1.    Ensure wall is smooth and clean

2.    If not, add wall filler and smooth with sandpaper

3.    Always work from left to right

4.    Measure a plumb line a little less than the roll width

5.    Apply paste directly to the wall with the roller, pasting a little way over the plumb line

6.    Paste into the corners and edges with a brush

7.    Line up the right side of the first drop with the plumb line and hang

8.    Smooth out towards the edges with smoother

9.    Trim the bottom, top and side with a knife

10.  Paste the next wall section to just over a roll width

11.  Match up the pattern for the 2nd drop and slide it into place

12.  If you get any paste on the front of the paper, wipe off gently with a clean, damp cloth

13.  Repeat for the rest of the wall space

14.  Sit back and admire!

If you’re more of the visual type, take a look at this video below! All steps mentioned above are covered, plus some extra tips. Enjoy! 


A big thanks to our friends at 1838 Wallcoverings for source material and video: Introduction to 1838 Wallcoverings from 1838 Wallcoverings on Vimeo.