March 6, 2024

1838 Wallcoverings announces the launch of its second collaboration with the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum).
This new collection of V&A Decorative Papers, launching in January 2024, is a joyful and captivating collection of nine wallpaper patterns in over 30 colourways, celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship behind each design. Working closely with the museum’s licensing team to select items from the V&A’s archive, the collection features intricate patterns dating as far back as the 1700s, each with its own intriguing narrative to tell. Inspired by woodblock prints, watercolour sketches, textile treasures and upholstery fabrics that draw on a multitude of artistic influences, each has been adapted by 1838 Wallcoverings to create wallpaper designs that both honour the distinguished history of the archive object and provide enduring new contemporary colourways, which are relevant for the interiors of today.

1838 V&A Decorative Papers II Brochure

March 4, 2024

Join Design Director, Zoë Anderson in previewing Maxwell Fabrics' Spring 2024 collection from the Maxwell and Telafina studio in Vancouver. This season is an artful group of lush and detailed designs and textures across three books, from velvet and mohair to vibrant prints.

Video by Cody Preston:

June 13, 2023

Maxwell Fabrics Summer 2023 Collection is now live!

Maxwell's Summer 2023 Collection, Sweet Tea, is inspired by the coastal South, we conjure a preppy vibe for the Summer collection. Colorful performance patterns from fresh stripes and chair-scale designs are shown alongside sumptuous velvets, while a range of faux leathers continues the classic feel with hides and exotic skins. Natural-blend drapery constructions complete the breezy mood this season.

Join our Design Director, Zoë Anderson, for a preview of our Summer 2023 Collection, Sweet Tea. See the video below! 

Video by Cody Preston:

April 3, 2023

Maxwell Fabrics Define is now live!

Define is a new sample-only category that is a playground for large-scale, colorful & exclusive designs based on original artwork from our Design Director. The first Define introduction is a grouping of three prints focusing on bold & fashion-forward color combinations with a coordinating base cloth.

Join our Design Director, Zoë Anderson, for a preview of Define. See the video below! 

Video by Cody Preston:

March 15, 2023

Maxwell Fabrics Spring 2023 Collection is now live!

Maxwell's Spring 2023 Collection, Tropic of Capricorn, is inspired by a craving for the ease of indoor/outdoor living that comes naturally in a tropical setting, like the ease of a Hawaiian lanai. Saturated colors and unexpectedly plush textures bring this feeling to life over two new outdoor-suitable introductions, perfect for home and hospitality.

Join our Design Director, Zoë Anderson, for a preview of our Spring 2023 Collection,Tropic of Capricorn. See the video below! 

Video by Cody Preston:

October 4, 2022

Maxwell Fabrics Fall 2022 Collection is now live!

Maxwell's Fall 2022 Collection, East of Eden, is a love letter to the warmth and beauty of an Italian summer afternoon, and captures the sunkissed mood with layers of prints, textures and sunkissed hues.  .

Join our Design Director Zoë Anderson for a preview of our Fall 2022 Collection, East of Eden. See the video below! 

Video by Cody Preston:

May 9, 2022

Maxwell Fabrics Fall 2021 Collection is now live!

Maxwell's Spring 2022 Collection, Midnight Garden, is inspired by the romantic imagery of a lush and moody garden by moonlight. With Midnight Garden, we explore brilliant hues and floral motifs contrasted with cool and contemporary staples.

Join our Design Director Zoë Anderson for a preview of our Spring 2022 Collection, Midnight Garden. See the video below! 

Video by Cody Preston:

January 31, 2022

Welcome to Part I of our design director Zoë Anderson’s favourite movies & tv shows for interior design inspiration. Film is such a magical place to look for inspo, because everything is exaggerated and purposeful. Starting off with some classics… 


The lush, cluttered world of Amelie teaches us that busy decor can be incredibly charming. Dark, gothic-inspired wallpapers are offset by playful bursts of colour... such as a cerulean tulle lampshade, or Amelie’s iconic scarlet bedsheets. 


Image credits to


Classic fairytale meets mid-century-modern - and what a beautiful meeting it is. The set design feels inspired by Amelie, with an emphasis on unusual colour pairings, and of course, the intentional, curated clutter.

Pushing Daisies.jpeg

Image credit:


Similar to Pushing Daisies, mixed-era references in The Big Lebowski set up a nebulous sense of period, in the most charming way. This ambiguity is achieved through items like Le Corbusier Armchairs from the 1930s (shown below), or Saarinen’s Tulip Chair from the 1950s.

Big Lebowski.jpeg

Image credit to


Mid-century maximalism injects The Queen’s Gambit with an electrifying sense of bombast. Glamorous tropical wallcoverings remind the audience that our heroine has been whisked into a life previously foreign to her. Unlike the mixed periods of The Big Lebowski and Pushing Daisies, Queen’s Gambit pulls its focus tight on the 50s and 60s with strong geometric patterns and furniture characterized by natural wood.


Images credit to

That’s all for this week, but we’ll be back soon with more interior design notes from movies & tv! Have thoughts? Reach us at any of our platforms below:

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December 3, 2021

Performance Wovens is the ultimate cleanability performance series for residential and crossover contract upholstery. Exclusive, fashion-forward feature designs coordinate and complement a range of small-scale patterns, textures and solids.

We’ve just added 38 styles stocked with Alta, Crypton Home or Maxguard Permanent Soil & Stain Repellent technology - styled together by color, over three books:

Badlands, Paintbrush and Silver Sun.



Badlands combines deep and sophisticated neutral tones of camel, caraway, dark oak, poppyseed and raw umber.



Paintbrush is a multicolor-story of burnt sienna, adzuki bean red, deep peacoat blue, juniper, aloe and goldenrod.



Silver Sun is a clean palette of palomino, mother of pearl and isabelline.


November 26, 2021
OUR THOUGHTS: Pantone 2022 Runway Round-Up

Color is a form of expression. When we eschew the outdated notion that certain colors are inherently linked with the seasons, we give ourselves the freedom to define the mood of our spaces through color. And when you set the mood, you hold the power to shape the way people feel in your space.

How do you channel a certain mood? When we are conceptualizing a new collection, the first thing we do is create a moodboard – a tool we also recommend for solidifying design ideas for homes and spaces. Pantone’s 2022 Spring & Summer International Runway Round Up highlights the shift in focus from seasonal to mood-based colors, and touches on a few color categories that tie in really well with our most recent collection.

Primal Clays

Fall 2021 Lookbook - Sonoran Sands.jpg

The up-and-coming clay colors emphasize warmth. Tuscan sun and Sonoran sands come to mind as motifs.

Chalky Neutrals 


Neutrals are always in style. The trend toward natural looks isn’t going anywhere: unbleached cottons and natural linens bring a chic quality to any space. We’re bringing the earthy, clean look to our palettes with notes of palomino, mother of pearl and isabelline.

Citrus Sours


While the occasional burst of citrus can be refreshing, we’re looking to shades softened for the home like juniper, aloe, and goldenrod.

November 19, 2021

Our Fall 2021 Lookbook is here! Click the button below to take a guided tour through Maxwell’s brand-new collection, Painted Desert. We’ve curated a series of flatlays, each one focused on a different theme within the Painted Desert concept, to show you the heart of what our new collection is about; and all images are interactive! See something you like? Just click on it to be transported directly to the product page, where you can see stock, request memos, or order.

Browse our collection photography encapsulating the inspiring intersection where Southwest design meets style moderne. Fall 2021 introduces 4 upholstery and 3 drapery books with quality stand-alones and new installments in industry favorites.⁠



November 10, 2021

Maxwell Fabrics Fall 2021 Collection is now live!

Usher in a new Roaring Twenties with an inspiring intersection of Southwest design and style moderne. Tactile and modern desert minimalism meets the optimism and glamour of Art Deco.

Blanket stripes, linen-looks, boucle and distressed natural textures are paired with fine touches of lustre, rendered in a palette of glowing earth tones like burnt sienna, goldenrod, aloe and caraway with shots of bronze and rose gold to brighten things up.

Join Zoë Anderson for a preview of our Fall 2021 Collection, Painted Desert. See the video below! 

Video by Cody Preston:

November 5, 2021

So, you’ve just received your exclusive 1838 Wallcovering! But what’s the best way to actually get it installed? Don’t worry – we got you. 
It always helps to make sure you have all your tools at the ready, and luckily, all the items are pretty easy to come by:

•   Scissors

•   Knife

•   Plumb line

•   Wallpaper paste

•   Smoother

•   For spreading the paste – a brush, roller & tray

Pre-Hanging Tips:
Always Do a Double Check

Start by doing a thorough double-check of your paper, and ensuring that your panels will line up with each other. We recommend starting at the left-hand corner of your wall, and hanging your paper left to right. 

Hang It Straight

Next take out your plumb line to ensure your wallpaper is hung straight! Hold your paper against the wall, and drop the plumb line just a few centimeters less than the width of the paper. Make mark along the vertical line the plumb bob creates to ensure that when you put the paper up, its edge lines up with the markings you make. Once your paper has been hung, simply trim off the excess paper overhanging onto the adjacent wall. 

Now, you’re ready to get started.

Take a look at these simple steps from 1838 for paper hanging:

1.    Ensure wall is smooth and clean

2.    If not, add wall filler and smooth with sandpaper

3.    Always work from left to right

4.    Measure a plumb line a little less than the roll width

5.    Apply paste directly to the wall with the roller, pasting a little way over the plumb line

6.    Paste into the corners and edges with a brush

7.    Line up the right side of the first drop with the plumb line and hang

8.    Smooth out towards the edges with smoother

9.    Trim the bottom, top and side with a knife

10.  Paste the next wall section to just over a roll width

11.  Match up the pattern for the 2nd drop and slide it into place

12.  If you get any paste on the front of the paper, wipe off gently with a clean, damp cloth

13.  Repeat for the rest of the wall space

14.  Sit back and admire!

If you’re more of the visual type, take a look at this video below! All steps mentioned above are covered, plus some extra tips. Enjoy! 


A big thanks to our friends at 1838 Wallcoverings for source material and video: Introduction to 1838 Wallcoverings from 1838 Wallcoverings on Vimeo.

November 2, 2021

Join Maxwell Fabrics' Design Director Zoë Anderson, on a tour of our studio located in Vancouver, BC at the Maxwell Fabrics Head Office.

Learn how we create and curate a collection from start to finish. We invite you to view an exclusive behind the scenes look at our creative process - from moodboarding and vendor selection, all the way to conceptualizing our theme through innovative marketing by which we share our latest collection with you. 

Video by Cody Preston:

July 30, 2021
Curled Up VII: Plush & Comfortable Solids and Textures


Introducing... Curled Up VII! The newest instalment in our Curled Up series features plush & comfortable solids and textures, with a rich color line ranging from neutrals to vivid hues. Each fabric is designed to stand the test of time, with excellent abrasion and stain resistance that will keep your upholstery looking fresh and new for a long time.

All of the patterns in this collection are stocked with FibreGuard stain-free technology, which builds permanent spill and stain protection right into the fibre structure. With such a deep layer of protection, even tough stains can be removed with warm water and just a touch of household dish soap. 

Learn more about FibreGuard by clicking here, or click on the image above to learn more about pattern Libretto, a sumptuous crushed velvet perfect for both upholstery and drapery, shown here in color #787 Cobalt.

May 26, 2021


The theme of the Pavilion Collection is modern archive; exploring heritage looks with a modern twist. Pavilion pays homage to the styles of the past and reimagines them to suit the interiors of today. Taking inspiration from the elegant style of British stately homes and gardens, old world elements are combined with adventurous colour and innovative techniques. The sumptuously beautiful designs showcase our contemporary craftsmanship, including richly textured new special effects and stunning murals. 

Click an image above to view the brochure by 1838 Wallcoverings, or click here to explore the collection!

April 26, 2021

As we look to fulfill our current need for retreat and comfort in the home, interior design is a way to balance that necessity while looking ahead to a reopening world. This season’s introduction looks outside the home and reflects the natural realm with influences from marine and tropical landscapes, from color palettes to design motifs. Think breezy coastal linens and multi-color designs inspired by the rainforest, with a nod to nostalgia and our shared design history with classic plaids and checks. 


Join, Design Director Zoë Anderson as she presents our Spring 2021 collection.

Video by Cody Preston |


February 3, 2021


We're pleased to introduce a fresh, interactive Winter Edit Lookbook which features brand new clickable moodboards of favorites and hidden gems. Click the image above to view the rest of our lookbook!

While browsing the lookbook, click on any fabric via the links in the image/pattern or book name and order memo samples directly through the website.

January 13, 2021

Color Trends.jpg

These days more than ever, we are trend-focused and exposed to a plethora of available mediums that influence us. Drawing from curated social media aesthetics to wabi-sabi reality, Design Director Zoë Anderson shares her thoughts on forecasting, trends, and the “color of the year”:

“What was once a true trend forecast has really gone beyond its original scope. I think we’ve seen this the last several years, and it’s even more obvious with 2021’s selection from Pantone. The kind of intent behind the Pantone color of the year was originally much more of an evidence-based, educated projection of the colors that were going to be the most used and the most popular across a few streams. Pantone’s prediction originally would encompass all the way from package design through to fashion, (couture to fast fashion mass market), and then into interiors as well as your FF&E: Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, which of course includes textiles.

Originally, the predictions related to the design industry as a whole. Now, we are seeing that Pantone is calling these color announcements the color that “defines” the year establishing that this all-encompassing color is taking into account socio-economics, new technologies, worldwide events like the Olympics, the state of the environment, and beyond. It has really changed in its scope in my opinion. And with this shift, the specific relevancy of these timely color trend predictions are not as apparent as it used to be 10 years ago.

I’d like to share some colors that I have noticed gaining popularity in the design realm. Some, having been adopted already, are trending upwards; some might be a bit more aspirational.

Using the two Pantone colors as a jumping-off point, Yellow is certainly a color on the rise - just perhaps in a different saturation level and undertone than the classic primary yellow.  Think of shades like Buttercream and Chalk. Moving on to Grey, I look to variations on Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze, which is their color of the year. The key to a versatile grey right now is brown-based tones and a green undertone.

Which leads us to Brown. We’re seeing shades of Kalamata, Peanut, Persimmon, and updated takes on Clay, which we have seen grow in importance for the past several years now.

Pink, still on-trend, is now seen specifically with a purple inflection. Colors like Cerise and Calamine, and the presence of a brown and blue undertone take prominence over the blush pinks of 2015.

A little down the wheel we find Blue. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is Aegean Teal which is soft, soothing, and basically a spa blue. It’s important to note that they’re predicting paint colors specifically. However, speaking holistically in terms of color trends, the green undertone is the important takeaway for me.

Lastly, I'd like to touch on Green and it's recently notable presence. Green undertones, green everything! Ever-popular as a subtle undertone in neutrals, the whole gamut of greens is more visible in our daily lives than ever before. Fava Bean, Palm Leaf and Blackened Olive (to name a few of the more saturated shades) are gaining relevance in our homes. Green is now seen as a sophisticated color that pairs well with the color trends mentioned above; whether it be shades of pink, brown, or whatever your pairing of choice, Green effortlessly lends a natural, biophilic presence indoors.”

Missed her talk live on Instagram? Catch it here on YouTube!

December 21, 2020


As I reflect on 2020 and prepare for 2021, I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you, our clients, for your continued support, patience and partnership as we all found ourselves experiencing a crazy and very different year.

My team and I have been inspired by the adaptability and resilience of the design industry. We all had to evolve and work creatively to navigate the challenges of our new normal.

We look forward to continuing to bring you the beautifully curated product offering of our design team and to servicing you with excellence through our customer service and design assistant teams in 2021.

Most importantly, I want to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and our entire Maxwell Family, to wish you and your families happy holidays and a healthy, happy and successful new year.

oren thanks.JPG

October 5, 2020
Extra Performance = Extra Cleanability

Performance velvets are a staple category for us, and this season the third quality in our performance velvet lineup has an added extra high-performance bonus. Billiard is protected by not only FibreGuard cleanability, but with an all new anti-moisture barrier FibreGuard Pro.

Billiard, a non-directional pile velvet with a subtle, heathered look similar to a baize cloth often used on gaming tables. Passing 70,000 double rubs, Billiard is an excellent choice for residential or commercial upholstery. 


Click here to learn more about Fibreguard Pro. 

September 22, 2020
Introducing 3-Pass Blackout (and it's FR!)

Maxwell’s first 3-pass blackout book introduces a chic range of textures and solids in a menswear-inspired palette of neutrals.

This blackout coating is created by applying layers of opaque foam to the back of the fabric, finishing with a layer of white to block all of the light!
These matte, brushed and mélange looks are ultra-drapeable, 100% blackout and pass NFPA 701 & CAN/ULC S109.


August 28, 2020

Introducing our first Lookbook, with a variety of on-trend and inspiring moodboards curated to showcase the recently introduced Fall 20 collection, A Moveable Feast and stand-out favourites from past seasons. 

Our new interactive moodboards can directly transport you to the product page for additional information, requesting memos, stock inventory and even placing an order by clicking on the fabric of your choice!






August 17, 2020
FALL20: A Moveable Feast

A feast for the senses, the fall collection adds layers of comforting texture with a focus on natural fibers in casual, sun-washed constructions to juicy, fresh prints and embroideries. The effect is lived-in and welcoming with a nod to the Epicurean philosophy of good living.


Join, Design Director Zoë Anderson as she presents our Fall 2020 collection.

Video created by Cody Preston -


March 18, 2020

Dear Valued Maxwell Fabrics Customers,
First and foremost, with COVID-19 top of mind for everyone right now, we want you to know that Maxwell Fabrics remains OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  Our highest priority is the health and continued and active support of our Maxwell family – sales reps, employees and customers.
We know that this is a challenging time and that many of you are having to adjust your work schedules, routines, and even locations in some cases.  We want you to know that MAXWELL FABRICS is here to support you through this and you can rely on us to continue to maintain the same level of excellent service and support in completing your objectives and servicing your own customers.   
Our number one priority is the health and safety of our Maxwell Family and we will take every precaution to ensure that we contribute responsibly to the containment of COVID-19 in all locations.  We are monitoring the developments regularly both internationally and nationally, with a view to being on top of changes and adjusting quickly, and we have advised and expect everyone on our teams to maintain a high level of vigilance around social distancing, hand-washing, and other recommended precautions. 


  • Our WAREHOUSE in North Carolina is up, running, and busy.  We rolled out strict protocols around sanitization and cleanliness three weeks ago and we have increased our vigilance around these measures in the last week.  We are limiting access to our facility to only our employees and we have a zero tolerance policy around cold/flu symptoms.   

  • Our SHOWROOMS remain available to support you; however, we are not accepting visitors at this time.  Please utilize our highly experienced and talented Showroom Managers to help you source and locate the perfect product for your on-going projects. 

  • Our SALES REPS have been advised to work from home for the time being.  Please do not hesitate to contact your local sales rep for assistance with sourcing and other product related needs. They are available by phone or email and they are also prepared and excited to continue to service you and share our latest (and fantastic) collections by video conference or FaceTime.  They will also continue to reach out to you in the coming weeks.

  • Our HEAD OFFICE customer service staff are either being set up or are already working remotely from home.  If you have not already done so, this is a perfect time to allow our Design assistant team to help you source the perfect fabrics or wallcoverings for your projects.

         [email protected]
         1-800-663-1159 ext.3
         [email protected]
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         [email protected]
         1-800-663-1159 ext. 6
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         USA: 1-800-663-1159 ext. 4
         CAN: 1-800-663-1159 ext. 5

  • Our WEBSITE is also a fantastic resource for obtaining information you may need, including stock & price checks, sample requests or placing orders.  Don’t know your account number? Our team is a phone call away and happy to walk you through logging in and locating the information you are searching for!


We will remain in touch as the situation progresses. If you don’t already do so, follow us on Instagram @maxwellfabrics, as we are regularly updating our stories with the latest developments and some colorful inspiration during this rather grey time.
We are committed to weathering this storm together and we look forward to shortening the social distance in the coming weeks/months ahead.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to our teams and let us know how we can best serve and support you.
Yours in health,
Oren Garaway
Maxwell Fabrics

March 11, 2020
#TextileTuesday - Color Stories for Fall 2020

From saffron to butter, Design Director, Zoë Anderson shares her color direction and the trending color stories coming soon to Maxwell Fabrics for Fall 2020.  

Join Zoë Anderson for the Textile Tuesday recap, also available on our IGTV and YouTube channels. 

February 26, 2020

Performance textiles continue to provide a solution for modern living. This means much more than high abrasion: cleanability and a super soft hand are key. Watch Design Director, Zoë Anderson, clean up a dollop of ketchup from one of our latest patterns in Performance Textures, Solar System 407 Apricot. Stocked with FibreGuard stain-free easy clean technology, that will last the life of the fabric.  

Join Zoë Anderson for the Textile Tuesday recap, also available on our IGTV and YouTube channels. 

For more information on cleaning instructions for a variety of soils and stains, please visit:

February 10, 2020

New traditional lives at the intersection of timeless design elements and au courant cool. Damask, treillage and Greek key motifs get a millennial makeover this season with high performance capability and a rich, warm palette. Tie everything together with multi-color textural wovens with a mid-century vibe. 


Join Zoë Anderson as she presents this season's styles and demonstrates why performance fabrics are a must-have in the home. 

Video created by Cody Preston -

January 8, 2020

In December, Pantone announced the color of the year, Classic Blue.  As the world leaders for everything color, we expect to see this calming blue everywhere from clothing, to your new Moleskine® notebook. 

Whether you find it culturally relevant or not, if this isn’t a hue you are interested in inviting into your home, look to this list below to ditch the millenial pink and start fresh this decade. 

Colors sourced from Pantone’s New York Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2020 report.


December 12, 2019

Velvets are luxurious and tactile, and an easy way to add depth and drama to a space. Design Director, Zoë Anderson shares what to consider when choosing a velvet and how to care for it. 

Join Zoë Anderson for the Textile Tuesday recap, also available on our IGTV and YouTube channels. 

Video created by Cody Preston -