Collected & Selected

Spring 2019 is all about embracing what has been collected and selected over time to create an interior that tells a story and emphasizes comfort and personal expression. 

    Standout Color Trends

  •   Infusions of deep, dark green keep things moody and opulent, whether it’s with wall color, upholstery or accents. Double down on this intense shade by adding a velvety texture or glossy finish. 
  •   From clean and bright “Gen Z” yellow, acid and mustard to amber, saffron and citrus: yellows and oranges are going to define the style of 2019 in a much bigger way than Living Coral. 
  •   The stony ground grey of Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019 “Metropolitan” is a chic take on the current warm neutral, and pairs perfectly with just about everything.
  •   In general, hues from the warm side of the color wheel are looking freshest and most livable – think warm, red-inflected navy.

    Design Trends

  •  Be Bold – Power clash to engage your inner design rebel. In line with the pursuit of freedom of expression through design, look to mixing, not matching, whether it be with patterns, textures and colors or eras of design. Step outside of the  usual comfort zone by using patterns liberally on large pieces, not just accents.  
  • Wallcoverings – Add depth, texture and dimension with wallcoverings. Grasscloth is still hot, but murals and irregular, overscaled motifs bring a sense of whimsy and idiosyncracy to a space.

Design is tending towards the more thoughtful with long-lasting pieces from different periods and styles bridging the gap between old and new.